The Problem(s):


Students change majors 3x on average, leading to lower graduation rates and higher student debt.


6 year college graduation rates are only 60%...


Americans owe $1.3 TRILLION in student debt



The Root of the Problem is...


(1) With a student-to-counselor ratio of 482:1, counselors need better tools that help students gain exposure to career paths and colleges, while also keeping students on track; and

(2) Students need a lower cost way to try out career paths before investing time and money pursuing one


"Software Programming" Activity

"Software Programming" Activity

The Solution:

MajorClarity lets students quickly and easily try out careers through one-of-a-kind activity and video content; then based on their chosen pathway aligns students to easily customizable academic plans of study (setup by the counselors/school) that keep them on track throughout secondary and post-secondary education.




How It Works:

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Students take a quick personality assessment and upload their classes/grades

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Students can then explore career paths through one-of-a-kind activity and video content that simulates career paths

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We align students automatically to CTE plans of study (that are customizable for the school) that keep them on track throughout secondary and post-secondary education.

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Plans of study change and update in real-time with students as they change their interests/pursuits, so they grow with students and show them how far behind changes will put them.

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When students near H.S. graduation, we match them with 2 or 4 year colleges, technical schools, and/or employment opportunities (i.e. trade/labor unions, military, etc.) based on their interests and plan of study

As more students use our platform, our routing system and matching algorithms become more and more accurate due to our social graph and machine learning technology.