The Problem(s):


Counselors and teachers have so many students to oversee that they often get buried in paperwork and administrative work


There hasn't been an easy way to scale authentic career exposure to and for all of your students


School budgets are tight, and counseling/CTE departments don't have $3 - $5 per student to spend on technology platforms



The Solution:

MajorClarity lets students quickly and easily try out careers through one-of-a-kind activity and video content. We then align students to easily customizable academic plans of study based on their career interests (setup by the school) that keep them on track throughout secondary and post-secondary education.

 "Accounting" Test-Drive


How It Works For Students:

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Students take a quick personality assessment that helps to match them with career pathways.

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Students can then explore career paths through one-of-a-kind activity and video content that simulates career paths.

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Once students know what career pathways they're interested in, they can explore the specific jobs within each career pathway.

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We then match students with plans of study, based on their career interests, that show them what to do throughout high school to best pursue their dream job.

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When students near H.S. graduation, we match them with 2 or 4 year colleges, technical schools, and/or employment opportunities (i.e. trade/labor unions, military, etc.) based on their interests and plan of study.



How It Works For Schools:

Using the student dashboard, schools can gain insights on students, take and track notes (by counselor/teacher), and seamlessly communicate with their students.

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We automate creating/filling out, updating, and tracking individualized academic/career plans, saving you countless hours and paper.

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Schools can also view cohort data on both school and district levels, to help them better understand their student body and make funding decisions on classes and programs.