MajorClarity partners with schools to help them better connect their students education with career aligned pathways and outcomes. We do this by lowering student’s opportunity cost to authentically explore career paths, while simultaneously helping students better understand how to pursue and realize their desired career path. We also help schools with countless academic planning, tracking, and reporting needs.


One-of-a-Kind Career Exploration

MajorClarity’s career exploration content allows students to authentically “test-drive” career pathways through Q&A videos and interactive career simulations before investing time and money into pursuing them. Our intuitive design and engaging content are why students engage with our platform at 4x – 5x higher rates than the industry average.



Seamless Academic Planning

MajorClarity helps students understand what classes to take, seamlessly tracks academic progress, and automatically creates student career plans. For states that are required to have students create and share graduation or career plans (ACPs, ISPs, IGPs, iCAPs, PGPs, etc.), we automate all of this for you — saving countless time and money.


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Postsecondary & Work Opportunities

MajorClarity helps students explore postsecondary opportunities based on their career exploration and academic plan. We help students and schools do everything from build a resume and apply to a job to explore colleges and request transcripts.



Real-Time Analytics, Tracking, & Reporting

MajorClarity offers real-time insights into your students and their progress. You can track items like CTE Enhancement or Completer course completion, pathway selection, industry credentials, and more.



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