How It Works

MajorClarity’s proprietary platform helps schools integrate Counseling and CTE functionality to:

(1) Drive student career exploration that (2) positions students to successfully transition to meaningful educational pursuits and well chosen and aligned academic and career paths.

If you want to see more of what the platform actually offers, please check out “The Platform” or Request a Demo! Or keep reading to see how we are uniquely helping well over 1,000 schools across the country.

Academic Planning & Career Exploration Needs Assessment


An Incomparable Combination of Functionality


Proprietary Career Exploration Content Drives Student Engagement:


Our video content is based on extensive student research to maximize engagement and completion resulting in a video completion rate of nearly 80%.

Our proprietary career simulation activity is not found in any other academic planning platform and students engage with this content 2.3x more than video content.

Automated Academic Planning Helps Integrate Counseling & CTE:


Pathway-aligned course planning helps schools integrate Counseling and CTE processes and automate tracking around graduation, CTE requirements, student plan completion, etc.

Additionally, our automated student academic and career plan documents save students and counselors hundreds of hours per semester.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategies Drive District-Wide Impact:

Our Customer Success team provides proprietary strategies, content, and communications that are optimized for getting buy-in from and activating all stakeholder groups, including counselors, administrators, teachers, parents, and obviously students.


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