MajorClarity 3.0 Has Landed

It is never an easy feat for the MajorClarity team to keep exciting information all to ourselves - and these last few weeks around the office have certainly been without exception. As you may have noticed, we have been dropping quite a few hints lately in reference to some big changes ahead on the MajorClarity horizon. Well, this past Friday those hints became a reality, with the official launching of MajorClarity 3.0!

What is MajorClarity 3.0? For those of you who may be wondering if this means farewell to all of the features and services you have come to expect, enjoy, and rely on from MajorClarity - rest assured this is not the case. While you are sure to find the overall look and feel of the platform to be fresher than ever, our tried-and-true, user-friendly tools and engaging library of content isn’t going anywhere - it’s just better!

Check out the MajorClarity 3.0 trailer!

  • Student progress tracker

  • Recommended next actions for students

  • A more robust student portfolio

  • Localized data for all occupations

  • A fresh new design!

Follow @MajorClarity on  Twitter  &  LinkedIn  to get the scoop on all of our webinars!

Follow @MajorClarity on Twitter & LinkedIn to get the scoop on all of our webinars!

Join us Friday May 10th at 10:00 AM for a 15-min MajorClarity 3.0 Intro!

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  • There are several 3.0 Intro Webinar’s scheduled this month! Sign up for an alternative date on the Webinar registration page.

April Twitter Giveaway WINNERS!

Congratulations to all of the weekly winners in our MajorClarity April Twitter Giveaway! Shout out to the counseling team at Cave Spring High School of Roanoke County Public Schools, Career Development Coordinator for Catawba County Schools, Kim Teague, Career Development and Special Populations Coordinator for Watauga High School, Amy Smith, and Principal Jeffrey Millner of West Point Middle School! A big THANKS from our team to all of our supporters (and newest followers!) - we couldn’t do this without you guys! Weekly winners have some cool MajorClarity swag headed their way…