The Top 5 Careers of the Next Decade

Teaching career readiness can be hard. Every teacher has heard that timeless question: “Will I ever use this in the real world?” But if you can help students envision the types of jobs that will be the most in-demand (and well-paid!) in the future, you can engage them in career readiness now.

So we’ve rounded up some of the most promising careers of the 2020’s and put together a little cheat sheet for you. As middle- and high-schoolers begin to think about their interests and how they might map to a future career, these five are worth a look. Feel free to share or print as needed!

What makes these five more promising than others? Well, there are a lot of factors at work. First of all, these are rapidly growing fields. Some of them (nursing and financial management) will continue to grow as our population does. People will always need help with their health and wellness, both physically and financially. And bots aren’t going to replace this valuable human interaction anytime soon.

Second, these fields have lots of job openings, and will continue to do so in the future. Software developers will be in extremely high demand as our digital world evolves and as people continue to embrace increasingly digital experiences, like in-app services and autonomous cars. And solar installers will be vital as our world shifts its dependence from fossil fuels to sustainable energy.

Third, these professions are all very accessible to people with the right training. They do not require PhD’s or superhuman gifts (like, say, a Nobel Prize winning scientist or NBA player). All of them provide stable, fulfilling work that does good in the world.

And these just scratch the surface of the future of work. We recommend exploring many different career pathways through MajorClarity. Within each, you’ll find snapshots of hundreds of career options, with at-a-glance facts about necessary schooling, required skills, and expected salary. Many of the careers also include in-depth video interviews with professionals in those fields, which give you a quick sense of the job’s pros, cons, and day-in-the-life experiences. We hope these tools will help students explore a variety of interests and ultimately focus their attention on jobs that will provide them with exciting challenges, financial stability, and purpose for many decades to come.

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