Our Mission

A four-year college is the fast track to success. And so is trade school. And so is community college. And so is a gap year. And so is running off to join the circus! For the super-talented acrobat who wants to see the world, that is.

The secret to career success is that there are no secrets. No shortcuts. No sure bets. And that is what makes career and education exploration so exciting!  With the right approach and resources, we can help our young people identify their passions and pursue paths that are meaningful to them. When that happens, the likelihood of financial success and emotional fulfillment skyrocket. But all of us have to work to make that happen.

Despite living in the heart of the Information Age, our country’s young people are struggling more than ever to make sense of all the information out there.

Sure, they learn theory and facts in school. They know they need skills and a career. But the information, and guidance, needed to connect education to career in a meaningful way is missing. The result? A rudderless, expensive system that is costing students in so many ways:

  • Only 60% of students who are going to college will graduate within 6 years

  • 43% of college graduates are under-employed in their first job

  • Nearly 50% of graduates at hundreds of colleges will earn less than their peers with no college degree

Something has to change. And that’s why we at MajorClarity do what we do.


For all of us at MajorClarity, success means that the student who loves Mozart finds a fruitful path through college and advanced degrees to land a dream job as a music professor, while the student who has an incredible capacity for spatial relations and problem-solving charts a fulfilling course through trade schools to a lucrative career as a solar panel installation expert.

The paths are as varied as the students, and no one way is the right way. At MajorClarity, we:

  • Help today’s students be mindful of their interests, strengths, dreams, and opportunities.

  • Connect these interests with relevant courses to help students choose classes that a) interest them, and b) give them even more perspective and experience with the opportunities they find compelling.

  • Encourage trial and error, skimming and deep dives, to help students pivot as they grow in knowledge, talent, and self-awareness.

  • Provide a clear and actionable path from school to career that empowers students to find their unique definition of success.

And the best part is, we’re not alone in this mission. We already have thousands of partners working towards the same goals. We already have thousands of students finding focus and guidance through our platform.

And if you’re reading this, chances are you’re also concerned about career readiness and helping students find their clarity. For that, we thank you.