CTE Month, MajorClarity Style.

Hey guys. It’s February, which means it’s also Career and Technical Education Month!

Here at MajorClarity, it should come as no surprise that we are pretty huge fans of all things CTE. You may have heard these buzz words with increasing frequency as of late, but make no mistake - CTE is no passing trend, (read: fidget spinner) nor is it a revamped approach to instructional design.

Career and Technical Education has been around for ages, and for those of you not enmeshed in the wild world of K-12 education, although the terminology may seem only vaguely familiar, chances are you already know far more about Career and Technical Education than you think you do. Sometimes referred to as Vocational studies, CTE courses and programs provide students with technical, academic and employability skills that help drive success after graduation — whether in a college or university, a technical school, or the workforce.

CTE is not only for certain pathways, certain classes, or certain students. CTE can help schools ensure every student’s education leads to a successful career outcome.

In honor of CTE Month, we have designed a lesson plan all about CTE-related careers.

  1. If you currently use MajorClarity in your school, we think you will find this lesson to be especially helpful for students learning to independently navigate the website.

  2. If you are brand new to MajorClarity, it is a great introduction to our service for teachers and students alike - but most importantly - the lesson celebrates all things CTE!

  3. Even if you use another platform or service for career exploration, the content will still provide some fun activities and worksheets for your students and give you helpful framework for an engaging CTE lesson plan.

Happy Career and Technical Education Month from the MajorClarity team! Download the lesson plan and presentation slides here:

MajorClarity ‘CTE Month’ Lesson Plan & Student Worksheets = https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CUyHhv5GwUpNT-KmrDqA2Knzy1b88tGd

MajorClarity Lesson Plan Presentation Slides = https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m-IqyFIdKO4c9wxSl2QeU4zFUmYE1z6q

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